Ms. Suda

Welcome to Ms. Suda's Site!

What I Do

My responsibilities at JPII include teaching all levels of Religion, as well as Algebra 2 and Yearbook. I oversee JPII's Campus Ministry programs, including liturgies, prayer, and retreats, and I am the Community Period advisor for the Class of 2019.

My Teaching Philosophy

As a catechist, I teach from a non-presumptive stance, which:

  • honors a variety of experiences and stages in adolescent faith development;
  • combines information with formation, with a “life to faith to life” whole-student learning process;
  • recognizes that not all students are committed Catholic Christians; and
  • gives students freedom to reflect on, analyze, interpret, question, and personally assimilate the content without being judged by it.

Summer Reading

Incoming Seniors, click here for info about your summer reading assignment.

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